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"I originally asked Bee to paint our lovely Jack Russell , Ruby, as a Birthday present for my husband. He was absolutely delighted with the painting. She managed to capture the dogs character and produce a very life like painting. So much so that when we sadly lost Ruby and we acquired our very naughty Norfolk Basil , he would sit and bark at the painting assuming it was a dog who wasn't playing with him!

Bee has now painted Basil too and again she has managed to portray the ' devil may care" attitude of our beloved dog."

Emma Flemming

"Bee painted the most beautiful portrait of our Basset Fauve, Clover as a christmas present for my husband. We are absolutely thrilled with the painting and takes pride of place in our house, capturing Clover and her gorgeous colouring absolutely beautifully!"

Alexandra Fairman

"Bee completely understood what I wanted when I showed her a blank wall and asked for a painting of my cocker spaniel, Pip, to fill the space. The resulting picture is brilliant and Bee has totally captured Pip’s character and favourite expression. We all love it and it has been greatly admired." 

Caroline Preston

"We love Bee's painting of our boys. It is a wonderful likeness and somehow captures their character. It is also greatly admired by friends."

David Harris

"Bee is a lovely young lady whom brought warmth and empathy to the painting she did of our stray lurcher. The whole essence of Len the Lurcher was captured in meticulous detail by Bee and the subsequent work was beautiful and magnificent and has pride of place on the wall."

Nicola Markham

"We love our painting of Minnie and Snoop. Bee managed to capture their characters brilliantly and made use of the beautiful light."

Veronica Morris-Marsham


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